Financial Law Board

January 5 * "Issues Concerning the Interest Rate Regulations with regard to Mezzanine Loans - Treatment of Contractual Compound Interest -"
February 26 "Outline of the Approaches to Issues in Interpreting Contracts that Arise in Connection with the Introduction of a Negative Interest Rate"
May 15 * "Interim Note on Rights Offerings with regard to Solicitation Rules under Financial Instruments and Exchange Act"
September 15 * "Interim Note on the Concept of "Trade" in Financial Instruments Business"
September 5 * "Foreign Companies and Proxy Solicitation Rules"

January 10 *

"Interim Note on Prepayment Fees and Upfront Fees with regard to the Interest Rate Restriction Act and the Contributions Regulation Act"


December 25 *

"Interim Note on Rules for Professional Investors - Focusing on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act-"


July 12

"Legal Issues Concerning Notes on the Call Market -- Study on Issues Presented by the Study Group for Activation of Short-term Money Markets--"

  June 21 * "Current Status and Issues Involving the Interpretation of "Solicitation" Under the Disclosure System in the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act"
July 8 "Possibility of Avoiding Servicer Risk by Using a Declaration of Trust"

April 23 *

"Interim Summation of Issues Concerning the Possibility of Applying Article 53(1) of the Bankruptcy Law to Trust Agreements With a Clause Specifying Payment of Commission by the Trustor"

October 20 "Interim Note on Legal Issues on Guaranteed Corporate Bonds"
  August 3 "Principle of Creditors' Equality under Reorganization Plan"
  February 24 "Note on Public Interest Corporations in Financial Transactions --Focusing on Derivatives Transactions--"
  January 14 "Discussions Concerning the Validity of the Security Trustee"
September 15 "Effect of Pledge Established on Beneficial Interest in Trust"
  July 28 "Debt Equity Swaps under the Commercial Code of Japan"
  April 13 "Issues Concerning Validity of Prior Consent of Debtor with a Deed Bearing a Certified Date, as a Means of Perfecting an Assignment of Claims against Third Parties"
September 13 "Interim Note Concerning Application of Finance-related Laws and Regulations to Cross-border Activity, Particularly Issues under the Securities and Exchange Law"
  March 27 "Interim Report on the Concept of a 'Securities Market'"
October 1 "Interim Note on Limited Recourse Clauses"
April 3 "Interim Note on Legal Rules Relating to Book-Entry Securities Settlements"
November 29 "Note on Legal Issues on Financial Derivatives Transactions and Illegal Gambling"
  November 8 "Legal Issues on Asset Securitization in Japan"
November 25 "Issues on Commitment Fees"
             Dates shown are when the original Japanese articles available at the Japanese site were published.
 * The abridged translation of the original Japanese article available at the Japanese site.

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